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Brittney Griner: Russia Exchange Plus Secret Love Affair

She is finally home! But at what cost? It’s right in front of our faces and we don’t usually pay attention. On this episode of weird American history, we will add to the books that Brittney Griner...

ESPN Out to put Kyrie out of work and the NETS fell for it.

ESPN has knives out for Kyrie! If you watch ESPN segments on Kyrie and his future with the NETS or the NBA, you will think a violent criminal or even a killer was being allowed to play in the league. According...

Kyrie Irving Can Play Again Full-Time and Stephen A. Smith Can’t Stand It!

Kyrie Can Play Full-Time and it bothers Stephen A. Smith New York City mayor Eric Adams just lifted the city’s vaccine mandate for athletes and performers.  This decision obviously was influenced by...

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