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ESPN Out to put Kyrie out of work and the NETS fell for it.

ESPN has knives out for Kyrie!

If you watch ESPN segments on Kyrie and his future with the NETS or the NBA, you will think a violent criminal or even a killer was being allowed to play in the league. According to ESPN, Kyrie does not deserve to play another game in the league. Stephen A. Smith, as usual is leading the charge and there is never any opposing opinions to push back or consider a contrary narrative. You may be wondering what Kyrie actually did to deserve such a public campaign against him.  The reason is complex and no, Kyrie did nothing.  It seems as though Kyrie definitely struck a nerve when he decided (for personal reasons), not to take the mandated COVID-19 vaccine. Note that he was not the only NBA player who decided against vaccination. As a matter of fact, unvaccinated players were allowed to play in New York, but the NETS banned Kyrie from playing. So why  did ESPN decide to destroy Kyrie’s career and person?


What Really Happened? ESPN Out to put Kyrie out of work and the NETS fell for it.

Here, we present a bite size explanation of what happened. ESPN has turned into a mouth piece for an extremely leftist political agenda. COVID-19 mandates were championed by extremely autocratic leftist leaders. New York and California were the centers of extreme and un-scientific COVID rules. Kyrie plays in New York. His refusal to submit his body to the vaccine was unacceptable to the leftists media machine.

Why was that the case? Simple. Kyrie is black, a superstar and cannot be easily dismissed as a white supremacist Trumpist.  In other words, Kyrie was going to become a COVID-19 vaccine political narrative breaker and the left was not going to allow a black man destroy their narrative. The pressure was on to brand him as a lazy black man who is not willing to show up for work.  The NETS had were not bold enough to stand up to the media pressure, and Kyrie was not worth them losing their media friends.  Towards the end of the season, the NETS realized they fell for a leftist media trap and allowed Kyrie to play, but by then, it was too late and their season was over.  Fearful and confused, the team tried to play both sides, and now, they might lose both of their superstars. 

ESPN Out to put Kyrie out of work and the NETS fell for it.

Instead of a decade of unparalleled success, the NETS now face a concerning future and may be stuck with rebuilding around Ben Simmons, instead of thriving with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. What a failure. They fell for the leftist ESPN’s COVID madness.  The NETS also fell for another media trap. They believed in the media narrative that KD was tired of Kyrie. Well, KD just requested a trade because he was unhappy at the way the team treated Kyrie. This is brave on KD’s part. He is indeed a serious and loyal friend. 

The plot continues …

Jim Agnam

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