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The Killing of George Floyd : Why We Should Learn from an NBA Star’s Response

The viral video of George Floyd’s demise at the hands of Minneapolis police officers is one that will provoke the worst of emotions to anyone that watches. For that reason, we will not include it in this post. 

So what happen to George Floyd? He died shortly after being apprehended by Minneapolis police. The video of the incident showed one police officer casually and recklessly kneeling on his neck. The video is so graphic, it is sad just thinking about it.  As expected, the viral video provoked swift reaction from all over the nation, including from prominent stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry of the NBA. These athletes and many others (especially in the black community) and most importantly in his community are clearly frustrated and feel helpless, and has manifested in the form of protests:


Killing of George Floyd : Why We Should Learn from Michael Porter Jr.

We all should sympathize with the George Floyd’s family and lift them up in prayers. 

The question now is how should you feel towards the police officers involved or how should the public react? Of all the reactions, one star’s reaction seems like a prescription from heaven, on how to deal with this recent police provoked crisis. This star is non other than Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets. What did he say? He said as angry as we might be, we should also pray for the police officers involved in the reckless actions that led to the killing of Mr. Floyd. This is inspiring coming from an NBA athlete and must have been a divine inspiration. That is exactly what this country needs: prayers and wisdom from God on proper actions that will lead to actual change. 

In the Christian faith, praying for your enemies is a mystery of the power of the faith. According to the bible, it is easy to pray for those who agree with you and there is nothing special about that: after all, even the devil can do that too. However praying for someone that has hurt you, like these police offices have done to Mr.







George Floyd’s family and the community is the true test of a Christian’s faith. Doing so will provoke a manifestation of the power of God that will arrest the hearts of men and bring about true police reform and change in our communities. 

Mr. Porter got a lot of pushback naturally, but enough people saw the grace in his life and did not miss the purpose of his tweet. His is an example we should follow and hope for God to raise leaders and public servants with wisdom to impart change. 


Meanwhile, Mr. Floyd’s family is broken, especially his sister, who told ABC news 

They murdered my brother

May God comfort the family, as no one understands what they are going through. May we also find strength to to follow Mr. Porter’s divine wisdom. This is why We Should Learn from Michael Porter Jr.


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