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Do Covid-19 Guidelines apply to everyone? CNN says it depends!

CNN is out-doing itself these days. After condemning the setup of the President’s speech at the RNC (and rightly so), they just exposed why it is hard for any objective person to trust them. 

Here is what happened:

The President gave his speech at the white house with more than 2000 people in attendance, with less than 50% wearing masks and almost the social distancing. The very next morning, thousands of people gathered in Washington for a civil rights march. According to a CNN doctor, the President’s event will spread the virus, while the civil rights march will not, because the march was for a cause far more important than covid-19. Curious take from a medical professional.

This is very dangerous medical advice. Imagine how many panels CNN will put together to condemn the President if he had made similar remarks. CNN has definitely outdone herself.  

That said, we belief the President needs to be a better example and should’ve followed his own guidelines, at the very least require masks or social distanced. 

Jim Agnam

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