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CNN Decides it is the main opposition to Trump in the 2020 election cycle.

How has CNN decided it is the main opposition to Trump in the 2020 election cycle.

As the republicans turn their convention into a mostly Trump re-election showcase (no surprise there), CNN has decided to take its Trump resistance efforts to another level. Last week as during the DNC convention, CNN mostly went all out to promote democratic talking points. This week in their coverage of the RNC, they have started out with an aggressive resistance and overt effort to disrupt and counter any messaging the RNC plans to put out. CNN is branding the convention as GOP’s efforts to burnish Trump’s image. According to CNN, it’s not the RNC’s turn to present their ideas to the American people, but rather, an evil attempt at a makeover for an evil man, who happens to be the President of the United States of America. 

It is sad to see, because this just further erodes trust in the media. Just check out the CNN website and you will think they are the opposition research firm for the democrats or for Joe Biden’s campaign, disguised as legitimate news source. Is this just a good business model and has this model destroyed straight news forever?

This is bad as CNN Decides it is the main opposition to Trump in the 2020 election cycle.  Some observers noticed that during their coverage of the DNC, they pretty much handed their network over to the democrats. On the other hand, critics did not expect the same treatment towards the republicans during their convention. 

Interruption of RNC speeches vs. DNC speeches:

During the DNC last week, no primetime speeches were interrupted for commentary and analysis in realtime. The effect of this is ensuring the messaging was transmitted as intended by the party. As the RNC got underway, CNN got right into it, cutting away from President Trump’s speech and accusing him (mid-speech) of lying and misleading. They have become the rapid response force for the democratic party. 

CNN should at the very least, avoid realtime interruption and do their analysis after the speeches or between speeches. They could even fact-check between speeches. Now it seem as though they are dedicated to label all conservative perspectives or ‘Trumpian’ perspectives as lies or dangerous. That is not the role of the media. 

Jim Agnam

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