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Are Republicans having a national convention? Yes or No.

Republicans are kicking off their national convention today with the same challenges like the DNC did last week, given the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. While it was obvious last week from all media outlets that the DNC was going on, if you looked at CNN today, you will not know from their website the RNC is kicking off. For casual voters, who rely on CNN to get their news, the fact that today kicks off the RNC convention is completely hidden from them: at least for the time being. 

What about MSNBC and FOX news?


MSNBC and FOX are no better. Both websites do not have any prominent headlines highlighting the fact that the RNC kicks off today. A national convention is major news, but you will not know that browsing to the CNN, MSNBC or FOX main websites front pages. There you see featured media and headlines about a postmaster general hearing in the case of CNN , universities halting in-person classes due to corona virus, and the shooting of a Black man by Wisconsin police. Maybe the media forgot the RNC convention kicks off today or they are working extra hard to counter any advantage such a convention may bring to President Trump, relative to his re-election. This was different last week and should be a warning to the RNC that in order to compete for media exposure, they must work 10x harder than their democrat counterparts. Conservative radio will however have a never ending barage of the RNC as if it were the best thing to happen to the USA since sliced bread. 

Are Republicans having a national convention? Yes they are. 

Jim Agnam