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Broken Society: anarchists want to deface cities while leaders are scared to act.

After some 50 nights of protests in Portland, Ore, many are frustrated, while leaders are confused and scared. The protests have turned violent and was declared a riot by police. 

The fact that this is a protest has been reported, yet  the weak leadership both at the state and local levels has been largely ignored. The mayor does nothing to stop the violence, yet has time to ask the President to stay back and do nothing.

So what is happening now. Well, local leaders (mostly democrats) seem to try to avoid offending the rioters, lumping them in as one with peaceful protesters. On the other hand, national democratic leaders seem to cheer the chaos and will go after any official who tries to take steps to restore law and order. These protests are supposed to be in response to police brutality against African American males and racial inequality in general, but someone, the rioting turns to target mostly African American communities. 

What has the president on his part done. Given that policing is a local responsibility, the opposition seem to have put the president in a tough spot. If he does nothing, he is likely to be blamed for all the chaos. If he moves in, he is sure to get blow back given that local leaders have rejected his offer to help. 

So what did President Trump do? He sent in DHS officers to protect federal building from further destruction by rioters. When this happened, all hell broke lose. Even Rep. Jim Clyburn came out and call this action “Gestapo activities..”, a comparison to Nazi Germany. 


Our take: The city is burning down, someone has to do something to maintain law and order or assure the other citizens of their safety. Protesters (mostly peaceful) are not able to stop the anarchists. Local leaders seem to think the anarchists are their allies and anarchy will help them secure more power. The President acts and like all things Trump does, provokes a response from the opposition, yet the opposition offers no plan. This is truly a situation of a broken society, thus the heading: “Broken Society: anarchists want to deface cities while leaders are scared to act.” Someone, do something please!!!

Jim Agnam

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