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Strange: Michigan Found a Batch of Absentee Ballots: Joe Biden got 100% of them.

Wonders shall never end. Joe Biden is a resilient politician for sure, as he has spent over 47 years in politics and is on the verge of winning the presidency. It seemed last night like he was about to lose when Michigan was slipping away from him. With about 90% of the votes in, Donald Trump was up 52% – 47%, leading with about 200,000 votes. That seemed like a big lead for the incumbent president, until we started seeing what is usually only seen in third world dictatorships. 

So what happened?

Somehow, the election officials found a batch of 100,000 votes and set out to count them. As it so happens, no other candidate, neither the President or third party candidates got any of those votes. Somehow, all those votes, 100% of them were for Joe Biden. That is an impossibility and it is even more strange that no one sees any problem with that. They continue at this rate, there is no way Donald Trump can win. He might have been unto something with he suspected democrats were up to something. 

Whether you support Trump or not, this does not make sense. Either Joe Biden is just divinely favored by God to win, and these miracle is going his way, or something really fraudulent could be going on. 

America is heading to third-world territory and something has to be done about it fast. 

Jim Agnam