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Stephen A came up with five reasons why the Brooklyn Nets got bounced out of the playoffs. Is he right? What Does Magic Johnson think about this list?

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN ‘First Take’ came up with five reasons why the Brooklyn Nets were hounded off during the playoffs.

What Is His List Of Reasons The Nets Lost To The Bucks?

1. He believes that Giannis showed up and increased the chances of the team moving ahead. 
2. Kyrie Irving got injured in game four, reducing the Nets Big-3 to a Big-1.
3. Joe Harris did not shoot as expected. Therefore, he failed to bring in points to his team.
4. Steve Nash allowed some players to get exhausted over various games, lowering their chances of scoring in the last game.
5. Karma also played a part as some players came to the game not physically fit. He attributes it to poor coaching, giving Kyrie a very long time off during the season and poor team morale.

What Does Magic Johnson think about this list?

Surprisingly, Magic agrees with almost all the reasons provided by Stephen A. However, he believes that the team had numerous chances to win. He also disagrees that injury played a part in the team’s elimination. Magic believes that it would have been a different result if Joe Harris hit two or three shots. While KD played all his heart out, he did not get enough support to break the barrier.

Is he right?

In conclusion, the Brooklyn Nets failed to secure a win to the conference finals due to poor coaching, poor planning and poor physical fitness. It seems like we also agree that Stephen A list is largely accurate on these issues. What are your thoughts? 

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