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NETS REPORT: Kyrie Irving To Miss At Least 41 Games Due to Covid-19 Vaccine Status. Can He Keep This Up?

Kyrie Irving’s battle against vaccine mandates is definitely not a show. In their battle against NBA and local mandates, several of his peers have blinked. Kyrie however is standing firm on his conviction, to the extent that reports say the Brooklyn nets coaching staff expect him  to miss every home game for the foreseeable future.

Trusting in God, Kyrie to miss at least 41 home games.

In his twitter feed, the star point guard declares his believe that it is God, not the vaccine that will protect him and his people. Whether you agree with him, disagree with him, or think he is an arrogant idiot, you must admit, this guy takes his beliefs seriously. This is not a show and threats of losing his pay do not deter him at all. Not every player who is hesitant on the vaccine can take this stand. Andrew Wiggins, of the Golden State warriors took a similar stand for religious reasons. However when it became clear that there would be a huge financial consequence, he abandoned his declared religious beliefs. 

Trusting in God, Kyrie to miss at least 41 home games. Give the man some respect. 

Give him some respect for putting his money where his mouth is. We hope he knows what he is doing though and that this ends well for everyone.  For the rest of us, you can’t copy Kyrie. The man will still make more than $15 million, even will losing half his salary. That is still plenty of money, a lot more than most of us will make in our entire careers. So it is not like he is going to go broke from taking this stance.  He sure is losing a boat load of money. 

NETS coach Steve Nash  is holding out hope that the City of New York may change its rules before the season starts and let his star point guard play home games. Who know, Kyrie’s belief in God may force that change, especially because visiting unvaccinated players will be allowed to play. Steve Nash may know something we do not know. 

Jim Agnam