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Missing Kyrie Yet? NETS Get Crushed By 23 Points.

The NBA season has started. The defending champions Milwaukee Bucks started their title defense against the Brooklyn NETS.  Finals MVP Giannis led his team to a convincing and statement win against the NETS. Granted, the NETS were without Kyrie, but the Bucks sent a clear message that last year was not a mistake. 

Missing Kyrie Yet? NETS Get Crushed By 23 Points.

Without Kyrie, the NETS could not use their offense to hide their defensive woes. If this continues, the NETS will realize quickly how foolish their decision to ban Kyrie was. It is up to the team to decide whether to continue with their COVID-19 vaccine mandate insanity or fight for the rights of their players and accommodate them as much as they can.  The New York mandate allows room for exemptions, (according to AP), yet the NETS did not even attempt to accommodate any or fight for exemptions for their star point guard. They rather fed a narrative to destroy Kyrie’s person, regardless of his deep convictions about this vaccine. The NETS decided to ban Kyrie from playing in any games until he takes the vaccine. If this game is a sign of things to come, their decision may have a bad effect on their goal of winning a championship. 

The Bucks rocked the NETS, but Stephen A. Smith found a way to blame Kyrie and attack his person.

Even though it was clear the NETS could use Kyrie, Stephen A continued his campaign against Kyrie. He stretched to find a way to say Kyrie did not want to work, promoting a narrative that African American men are lazy. He seem to have noticed and tried to say I don’t mean lazy. Stephen A needs to humble himself and recognize the NETS choose to ban Kyrie and not the other way around. 


Missing Kyrie Yet? NETS Get Crushed By 23 Points.

The NETS better start thinking about revisiting their decision to ban their star point guard. They need Kyrie. They need to stop trying to destroy his career over his hesitancy to the vaccine. It is not worth it, when 95% or more of their staff is vaccinated.  Kyrie’s possible 20+ points could have made a difference in this game.



Jim Agnam