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Lebron James and His History of Failing Without an All-Star Team

Lebron James and His History of Failing Without an All-Star Team

LeBron James has built a successful NBA career. However, the basketball star has had his fair share of blunders and seems only to shine when he has an all-star team around him. LeBron won the first two titles with the Miami Heat and then a third with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later, he won a title with the Los Angeles Lakers. 


In 2013, he faced the San Antonio Spurs and was visibly beaten. The only reprieve he got was from the three-pointer by Ray Allen that tied the game, making it possible for Miami to go on and win the title.  Remember that he still had an all-star team featuring Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. A year later, he went up against the Spurs in the final, and again, his team was dominated ruthlessly by their rivals.

The 2015 campaign also saw Kyrie Irving and Kelvin Love out of the field due to injuries, and he struggled to make headway without the A-team around him. He met the Big 3 Golden State Warriors and lost the series in just six games. Three years later,  in 2018,  after losing  game one, LeBron found it hard to recover.

Fast forward to 2021, and Lebron had a hard time winning anything as Anthony Davis was injured. He had a similarly lousy performance this year because Davis was out again. Several players are better than him, yet he gets all the credit for wins.

However, the system is built around him to promote his exploits, providing the star with an excellent team around him. He is definitely a talent destroyer who cannot work without brilliant support and overrated media coverage. This is why, wherever he goes, the franchise struggles. Players like Kobe would have done better had they gotten similar opportunities.

Lebron James and His History of Failing Without an All-Star Team


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