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Kyrie Speaks and Calls Out His Critics, Especially Stephen A. Smith, The Anti-Kyrie Crusader?

Kyrie Speaks and Calls Out His Critics Especially Stephen A.

Kyrie finallyspeaks – sad to see, untruths, what’s best for him and his family. He advises that he is not retiring, as if to indicate that he is being forced out by the Brooklyn NETS due to his personal medical choice to remain unvaccinated.

Crazy pressure to take vaccine.

He advises that he feels uncomfortable and especially so, when forced to take the vaccine. Kyrie seems to hint at the idea that he was advised he would receive an exemption to play for the NETS. So this about face by the NETS must seem like a blindside. His motivation does not seem to be money, a point his critics do not seem to comprehend. 

It is not all about safety.

In some cities (including New York) where vaccination status is required, visiting players can play, but unvaccinated home players cannot. If it was about health and protecting players, enforcement should be equal. However, it is about power. While almost everyone will toe the line to protect their bank accounts, Kyrie seems to be a man with deep convictions concerning this matter. It seems like the municipalities’ unequal treatment of players with same vaccination statuses is an opening for the NETS and NBA to fight for their players, yet they choose to turn up the heat on them. Kyrie feels that he is being used as an example.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN appears to be one of Irving’s biggest critics. (Smith has been vaccinated and believes that everyone should be vaccinated.) He (idiotically) states publicly that while he does believe everyone should be vaccinated, but he is not an “anti-vaxxer.” This statement makes no sense, but when you become the head ‘lyncher’ against another black man that dares to think for themselves, you will say stupid things like this. Stephen A. Smith seems to have a personal vendetta against Kyrie Irving. 

Stephen A. Smith plays public health expert:

Smith advises in aYouTube videoposted by ESPN that he feels Irving is being selfish by choosing not to take the vaccine. He says, Kyrie making the choice to not get the vaccine is putting his teammates in harms way.  He fails to say the scientific basis for saying a single unvaccinated player can place vaccinated players in harms way. These statements actually promote vaccine hesitancy. 


Kyrie Gets Support

According to public observers and basketball fans nationwide, Kyrie deserves more support for personal choices about how he takes care of his physical health. Ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury came out swinging against Stephen A. Smith in defense of Kyrie. He called him out and had a little fun imitating Stephen A’s boxing skills.  Woke NBA players need to come out and protect their peer. It should be ok to think differently and make unpopular choices, especially as a black man. 


Stephen A. Smith even gets angry if a guest on his show even attempts to dare defend Kyrie.

Kyrie Speaks and Calls Out His Critics Especially Stephen A.

Kyrie is not retiring 

In a personal YouTube video released on October 13th, 2021 – Kyrie advised that he is “staying grounded and true to his personal choices.” He is fully aware of what the consequences of not getting the vaccine may be and he is still choosing to remain unvaccinated.

Kyrie Speaks and Calls Out His Critics Especially Stephen A.

Jim Agnam