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In a World of Covid-19 Vaccine Insanity, NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Provides a Breath of Fresh Air!

Jonathan Isaac gives hope in the mist of COVID-19 Mandates.

In the age of Covid-19 vaccine promotion and mandates, it is rare to find a rational voice for or against. With all the insanity coming from public health authorities like Dr. Anthony Fauci and prominent sports figures like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jonathan Isaac’s eloquent and measured reasoning is a breath of fresh air. 

Watch below how Jonathan Isaac Eloquently Makes His Case and Stands Up for the Powerless. He gives numbers relative to covid-19 risk, explained what the facts are regarding his risk factors,  talked about the fact that he already has covid-19 and survived, then said based on the science as has always been the case, he has no reason to take a chance with the vaccine. His composure and delivery is wonderful. He encourages others to take it given their personal situation, all those facts, but said no one should be forced to take it without being given a chance to evaluate their own situation before deciding one way or the other. It seems like Jonathan Isaac is one of the few that are actually following the science and a perfect spokesperson for the other NBA players that are deciding against taking the vaccine. He said there is a need to have our trust in something greater than man and knows he is protected and his hope is in Christ, so his peace is assured. Watch his interview below to see how truly indeed Jonathan Isaac gives hope in the mist of COVID-19 Mandates.


Some Background

The Covid-19 pandemic has a life of its own. It came in strong, ravaging the nations, leaving behind death and destruction. Hundreds of thousands have died in the USA alone, economies shattered and lives destroyed. It has even managed to destroyed science, thanks to the panic driven and power thirsty practices of Dr. Anthony Fauci who has led a school of thought that seeks to reject all we know about the science of infectious diseases. For example, Dr. Fauci does not even consider discussing the notion of natural immunity or herd immunity as proper discourse and sometimes even helps to label such discussion ‘disinformation’. He simply speaks to please the popular narrative, whatever it is. If it sounds like common sense, he adopts it and then goes in search of scientific jargons to back it up.  Thanks to some great work by Big Pharma and Operation Warp Speed of the Trump Administration, we had a vaccine created and ready to go right after the last election. This could have been good news under normal circumstances, but it turned out sending people into even more insanity. 

Vaccine Insanity

Right when everyone thought we would be getting a vaccine either before or shortly after the 2020 election, the insanity spirit started going around. First it arrested Dr. Anthony Fauci who did all he could to kill people’s hopes of the possibility of a vaccine. Then it was President Biden and Vice President Harris (during the campaign), publicly  saying nobody should touch a vaccine manufactured while Donald Trump was in power.  At this point you’ll think the insanity will end after the elections. You thought wrong.  Even with President Biden’s messaging in an effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy he helped create, the insanity just got worse.  It got so bad that the administration and Fauci got even the more confused. They now say their goal is to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. If the vaccine works (which we think it should), why should the vaccinated need protection from a virus that cannot harm them? Insanity just keeps on getting worse.   

Now NBA Insanity

The NBA on its part acts like a giant idiotic organism and implements policies without consideration of the actual science. They go by whatever public health officials say, regardless whether or not what they say does not align with the data or established science. Even former players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar joined in to say some really idiotic things. It is this sort of anti-science idiocy from Mr. Jabbar that makes us say Jonathan Isaac gives hope in the mist of COVID-19 Mandates insanity.

Current Players to the rescue

Right when you thought there was no living person with any sense left, then came current NBA players sounding like the adults in the room.  These players, (led by Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Isaac who have not taken the vaccine, joined by others like Draymond Green and LeBron James who have taken the vaccine), flipped the script on the narrative. First they proved that hesitancy to the vaccine is not an issue of race or politics. Secondly they focused the debate on the issue of freedom, something that is a bedrock American value. Of all these, the one person that really should be voted as the ‘Anti-Forced-Vaccination’ spokesperson is Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac. 

Jonathan Isaac gives hope in the mist of COVID-19 Mandates.

Jim Agnam