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God denied at the DNC : why some democrat caucuses refused to say the words ‘Under God’.

The democratic party continues to find ways to give the middle finger to religious Americans. Thursday August 19th, presented yet another example of the party’s challenges with issues of faith. You know it has gotten really bad when some caucuses could not bring themselves to say the words ‘Under God’ as they said the pledge of allegiance. 

This was so bad that even a muslim delegate could not bring himself to say the word God.

The funniest part was when an LGBTQ caucus member (an Elton John look alike) started saying the pledge, he was visibly uncomfortable with the word he new he had to say, and somehow it seems like God got pissed and knocked down his LGBTQ flag. One could say that was a warning shot from God.


This is reminiscence of Hillary Clinton in 2016 proudly saying Christians will have to change their views to catch up with a changed world.  In her case, Hillary Clinton was giving a keynote speech at a 2015 Women in the World summit in New York, in which she said:

All the laws we’ve passed don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice, not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.

Some would argue that Mrs. Clinton was so confident of her position that she did not mind voicing the need for religious beliefs to be changed. This attitude probably fueled support for President Trump and handed him the victory in the 2016 election. The democrats are working hard to achieve the same goal this year. 

It is truly something, when a political party feels so comfortable as to allow the public disdain of God. Will this strategy work for them? You never know. However, this speaks more of our society than the part. Regardless of your thoughts on this, we can all agree the video clips were interesting. 

It has come to this at the DNC, why some democrat caucuses refused to say the words ‘Under God’.


Jim Agnam

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