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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr Fauci’s Criticism Prove Wrong — No COVID-19 Spread With College Football Stadiums Full

Dr. Fauci, It Is Safe To Attend In-Person Sports Events? 

According to Dr Fauci, the county should forever be in  a pandemic lockdown state mainly because it records about 160,000 covid-19 cases daily.  Fauci wants American life to come to a halt, especially college sporting events. Fauci terms college football games as super spreader events where tens of thousands of people congregate to cheer and scream.

The White House chief medical advisor encourages local and federal mandates to prevent people from participating in college events like football games. Fauci opines that such a lack of mandates might spike Covid-19 cases and prolong the pandemic. Although gathering outside seems a safer alternative for the vaccinated, sheer physical proximity in stadiums worries him further. Fauci is so extreme in his mitigation preferences that he does not hesitate to delve into lies or to totally ignore established scientific facts. Some would say Fauci killed science in 1 year. 

Dr. Fauci predicted college football games would spark an surge in covid-19 cases. However, the number of infections declined or remained constant in some states as fans headed back to in-person games in full-capacity stadiums. Dr Fauci’s prediction remains wrong, even 2 weeks after fans filled the college football stadiums around the country. Dr. Fauci was wrong again.


Dr Anthony Fauci’s predictions on the Covid-19 have been wrong in most cases. College football fans should ignore his opinion because it is misleading many and consequently inciting mistrust of health information in general. The college football organizers should rely on scientific evidence to determine if it is necessary to have stadiums in full capacity. You may say but Fauci is a scientist. That is true, until he showed he was willing to lie to change behavior and that should disqualify him as a reliable source for scientific guidance concerning the pandemic. College football is a great source of entertainment and Americans need it the most now!


Jim Agnam