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Covid-19 Vaccine Makers Have No Liability for Side-Effects: Why The NBA Should Fight This Vaccine Indemnity.

Why the NBA should fight vaccine indemnity instead.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is a good idea, and people tend to agree with that. Despite this, the campaign to mandate the vaccines is almost cult-like in its approach. The NBA has fallen in line with power-hungry municipalities by keeping the heat on their players, sometimes isolating those who are still hesitant to take vaccines like Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Isaac.

No Authority or Vaccine Maker is Liable for Side-Effects

The fact is, any individual who suffers from dangerous side effects associated with a vaccine cannot sue the manufacturer. Moderna, Pfizer, and all top drug manufacturers are protected against any liability


Even the Indian government is having it out with these companies over indemnity. While India fights back against the drug companies‘ ability to remain unscathed, what does that mean for everyone else worried about adverse effects?


With such potential repercussions from a vaccine, it’s no wonder NBA players are cautious; Or, for that matter, anyone. If the vaccine is so safe and it is required that everyone take it, why can’t the government, the NBA or the municipalities declare themselves liable for any adverse side effects? If you force someone to take medication, shouldn’t you be liable if something goes wrong?

The campaign to remove indemnity from vaccine makers or take responsibility for side effects would go a long way towards getting the extra 5% in the League vaccinated. As well as the rest of the world, which may be holding off on getting jabbed.


Jim Agnam