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Covid-19 Insanity: High School Deploys Ankle Bracelets to Enforce Social Distancing for Athletes.

Covid-19 Insanity: High School Deploys Ankle Bracelets.

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Washington school takes extreme measures; students who play high school sports are required to wear ankle monitors so they can be alerted if another player tests positive for COVID-19.

In Washington, a public high school enforced an outrageous new rule that forced student-athletes to wear ankle bracelets in order to track and trace their performance for the COVID19 program.

Eatonville High School designated the monitors for both high-contact and moderate-contact sports for coaches and students. Participants with COVID can be identified by the monitors, and those who are standing too close to each other can receive audible and visual alerts.

A student must wear the device when playing volleyball, basketball, football, or soccer.

Misguided Covid-19 Measures?

While these monitors, created to remind of social distancing amongst players, may have been meant with good intentions, the question remains; Did anyone notice (or care) how bad an ankle monitor looks on someone? Did they even think about the effect of promoting incarceration culture in the minds of these children?

Ask any teenager and they’ll tell you how rough high school is these days. Putting ankle monitors on students as a means of tracking movements through practice and games, is Orwellian at best.  Now students are likened to criminals on house arrest in a pandemic world where Pro and Major League Sports aren’t even as strict. 

This is Covid-19 insanity at the very least.  

Jim Agnam