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Anthony Davis

LeBron is Pedestrian without Anthony Davis. Is LeBron Really the Lakers MVP?

It was just one game, but it speaks to a bigger debate and we want to add to the discussion here.  After star center Anthony Davis went down with a potential right achilles strain, the Nuggets crushed the Lakers. LeBron was not able to impose his will on the game without Anthony Davis there to command attention from the defense and allow LeBron to use his power and showboating to look good and take all the credit for every win.

An update on the injury revealed a strained calf and aggravation near Davis’ achilles. We wish him a speedy recovery for he is indeed a once in a generation type of talent. 

 Is LeBron Really the Lakers MVP?

As usual, this is another example that LeBron is probably not even the most valuable player in his own team. Remember how bad the Lakers were before Anthony Davis arrived? Can a LeBron led team ever make any noise without being super loaded with all star talent? His detractors will say he is not that good without other superstar co-stars. His supporters will say he’s still the goat. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Give him credit, he is great at marketing himself.

Without Anthony Davis, even Stephen A. Smith of ESPN believe the lakers will not even make it out of the west and his mind immediately went to the thought of the Nets having an open path to the championship. 


PTI’s Mike Wilbon said he thinks the lakers are in trouble without Anthony Davis. The irony is that Mr. Wilbon still referred to LeBron as the MVP. The question is, is he truly the MVP of the league or are people like Mr. Wilbon simply setting him up to win the award regardless of who the true MVP is? 

Remember the laters did not even make the playoffs two years ago without Anthony Davis. Where will they end up this year?

Jim Agnam